Hi, welcome to the Fox's Lair. My name is Diana Bitritto, but I call myself the JerZ Fox for two reasons: First I'm from New Jersey, and second of all, JerZFox is alot easier to type than JerZFatTiredOldDog.

There are no pictures of myself anywhere on this site. I don't have a scanner, wouldn't know how to use one even if I could afford one, and anyway they don't make cameras with panoramic lenses wide enough to fit me in. Besides, in case you think I'm 5'8", 115 lbs, 36-24-36, with long blonde hair and blue eyes, why should I spoil your illusion (or delusion)?

Just for the record, I'm 52 years old (going on 12), and live in North Bergen, NJ, with my husband of 30 years, Anthony, my adult (at least legally) children, Paul and Barbara, and my half cocker spaniel, half poodle mutt, Blondie, upstairs from my father in law.

In January 1999 I graduated at the top of my class from the 2 year evening LPN program at Ocean County Vocational Technical School, located in Toms River, whre we lived for 15 years before returning to our ancestral homeland in North Jersey. Since then I've been working in LTC.

Going to nursing school at my age while working full time and tending to my family was a challenge, but I wanted to be a nurse and this is what I had to do to become one. Some people face midlife by rushing to lovers, plastic surgeons, or divorce attorneys. I decided to change my career.

Besides nursing, my interests include bicycling and classical music (I'm a certified Beethoven and Mozart junkie).

Basically I'm a computer semi-literate cyberklutz who thinks a "Web browser" is a spider doing some window shopping and that "ICQ" means a frozen billiard ball (Did I also mention that I'm fond of wretched puns?)

So thanks for dropping into the Fox's Lair. Perhaps creating your own personal Web page is the ultimate expression of an egomaniac, but I'm a maniac anyway!