Musical selection: Nocturne #2 in Eb, Opus 2, No. 2, by Frederic Francois Chopin, courtesy of Classical MIDI Archives, © 1999 Pierre R. Schwob

Michele Paterson

Existing no more, continuing on,
But where did you go, how long are you gone?
Will this feeling, this void, ever cease?
Though we perceived, your inward peace.
We are the ones, who you left behind,
Looking for answers, that no one can find.
Is this what life, should be all about,
Living in constant, hope, fear and doubt?
Our time is so short, on this earth, we agree,
Supposedly smart, but why can’t we see?
That doorway you walked, quietly through,
Ended the suffering, which you only knew.
We proceed forth, wishing and praying,
That you have found bliss, wherever you’re staying.
If only we knew, this to be true
Then we’d be braver, following you.
The solution it seems, can only be found,
That final day too, we go with no sound.