Musical selection: Sonata in C, First Movement (Allegro), Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, K. 545, courtesy of Classical MIDI Archives, © 1999 Pierre R. Schwob


I hear youíre sick, my sympathy, bloke,
I canít help laughing, itís quite a joke.
All strung up, youíre leg in plaster,
It really is a bloody disaster.
The girls are safe, youíre out the way,
Itís my turn buddy, to have my day.
Iíll treat them right, donít worry or fret,
Just give that bone some time to set.
The one in your leg, what else did you think?
Iíve learnt it from you, a nod and a wink.
I must be off, I canít be late,
Iím taking good care of your latest date.
So get well soon, but not too quick,
I think itís great, that youíre so sick!

Graphics courtesy of Jaguarwoman