Iíve been in school close to a year
My memories are still quite clear

When I entered in the fall
I didnít look half bad at all

But when a mirror I went past I had to stop and stare, AGHAST!

I saw the bags beneath my eyes
The sleepless nights I canít disguise

I saw the pimples on my face,
Proof of stress I canít erase

My once thin face that now is round Show my weight gain quite profound

My hair is falling out in clumps
My heart is aching as it pumps

My stomach is turned upside-down
My smile has turned into a frown

Myself, I hardly recognized
And that is when I realized

Itís my responsibility
To change the changes that I see

So I will do the best I can
Then go to bed, that is my plan

And I will dream about the day
That I donít have to feel this way

And next year when I graduate
Myself I will congratulate

Almost half way done with nursing school,
I sure have learned a lot.
From oxygen to insulin,
An expert, I am not.

In clinical all dressed in white,
I always do my best.
Treat every patient just the same
, As though they were my guest.

Itís difficult at times, you see,
The differences are clear
The guests at my house usually,
Can wipe their own damned rear!

I donít that often have to give
My guests at home a bath,
And as I stop to think of it,
I rarely Foley cath.

My guests can go home when they want,
To the bed, they are not wired.
And unlike at the hospital,
Passing gas is NOT required.

And when a guest stays at my house,
I do not need to see
Their visits to the bathroom,
Or measure all their pee.

So let me reconsider this,
My patients arenít my guests,
So maybe treating them like patients
Might just be the best.

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