Musical selection: Fantaisie Impromptu in C# minor, Op. 66, by Frederic Francois Chopin, courtesy of Classical MIDI Archives, © 1999 Pierre R. Schwob

by Michele Irvine

The door has closed on Milly's (anyone) life,
Her self esteem is in real strife.
She's lost her kids, husband too,
That's middle age, we all go through.
The feeling of complete despair,
She's not alone, it's not that rare.
She's overweight, and has no drive,
But does seek help, to stay alive.
From the nurse, with skills to care,
And all her knowledge, that she will share.
In Erikson's theory, she gained a guide,
For Milly to see, another side.
Her life has now, turned around,
Thanks to the support, she finally found.
Her identity resumed, by an open door,
She had never realized, was there before.

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