by Michele Paterson

Research and Stats, bring many a tear,
For those that must do it, an assignment this year.
Journals galore, we have to go through,
To find the data that really is true.
A lot of these papers, seem terribly wrong,
Where, in nursing, does this subject belong?
A language thatís different, from everyday life,
No wonder, so far, weíre really in strife!
Ordinal, nominal, deviated mean,
Half of the terms, we never have seen
Variables too, are added as well,
This subject is really putting us through hell.
But after studying, further on,
The light starts shining, the confusionís gone.
Itís all about logic, and stating your mind,
Then testing the theories, from data we find.
Put it together, it hopefully makes sense,
And proves, as students, we really arenít dense.
Weíve submitted ideas, to achieve our grade,
And probably helped those, whom are all getting paid.
Whatever the case, itís made us all see,
That research with stats, is certainly not me!

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