Alannic City: Where the casinos are.

Ast: Past tense of "ask." (As in "I ast for a raise.")

The Avenue: In northern Hudson County, my homeland, Bergenline Ave., one of the main drags and shopping districts.

Ba-da-BOOM! Ba-da-BING! Watch "The Sopranos" on HBO

Bawdwawk: One of the main attractions down the Shaw.

Benny: A tourist from NY or North Jersey at the Shore. Supposedly derived from "Brooklyn, Edison, Newark, New York."

Braw-way: The "Great White Way" in Manhattan.

Brudduh: Male sibling.

Cah: Motor vehicle.

Camaro: The preferred method of transportation for guidos and goojeens (see below).

Cods: What they play blackjack with in Alannic City.

Choon gum: Juicy Fruit, Doublemint, etc.

Dare: Opposite of "here."

Dawduh: Female offspring.

DYFS (DIE-fuss): Division of Youth and Family Services, the NJ state child welfare agency. Also pronounced DOO-fus.

Egg cream: A mixture of milk, chocolate syrup, and club soda. Contains neither eggs nor cream.

Fodduh: Male parent.

Freakin' (var.: frickin', friggin'): A softer, truncated version of the "F-bomb."

Fuggedaboudit: Self-explanatory

Goojeen: An Italian-American princess.

Guido (GWEE-doh): An Italian-American prince. John Travolta's Tony Manero character in Saturday Night Fever was the quintessential guido.

Hawoyiz?: How are you?

Hayadoon? How are you doing?

Hollween: October 31st.

Jawjuh: The state between S. Carolina & Florida.

Jeet? Did you eat?

Jints (rhymes with "pints"): One of the NFL teams that plays in Jints Stadium (aka Jimmy Hoffa's burial site). They share the Stadium with the Jets.

Kin: Can (As in "Kin youse call ya fodduh?")

Line: African cat. (As in "Line King.")

Long Guyland: Long Island, NY

Mint: 60 seconds.

Mudduh: Female parent.

Nawt: Opposite of "Sout"

Noork: Where the airport is located.

N'Yawk: The city/state across the Hudson River.

Pawk: Pig meat.

Piney: A native of the Pine Barrens, the unique pine forest that covers most of southern New Jersey.

Pock: A recreational area or storing your car. As in "Youse kin pock ya cah in da pock."

Pockway: The Garden State Parkway.

The Pony: The holiest shrine in Bruce Springsteen fandom, the Stone Pony is a bar in Asbury Park where The Boss got his start.

Proshoot: Prosciutto (a type of Italian ham).

Shaw: Where the beaches are. As in "Youse take da Pockway to da Shaw."

Soor: A storm grate.

Sout: Opposite of "Nawt."

Smattah? What's the matter?

Spaldeen: A pink rubber ball.

Stoont: Someone going to school (As in "nursing stoont.")

Terlet: A bathroom fixture.

Wawduh: H2O.

Whachadoon? What are you doing?

Ya lisnina me? Are you listening to me?

Yo! A greeting.

Yod: Yard.

Youse: Plural of "you."

Zat? What's that?

Zatchoo? Is that you?

Zup? What's up?

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