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My name is Jeanie and I'm a Registered Nurse in Hampton, Virginia. I graduated in May, 1996 from an AD Program. In Nursing School, I was voted Most Opinionated, so I have some pretty strong views about nursing. You can read all about them at my Nursing Page. I believe strongly in NURSES for NURSES!  We must advocate for each other as well as our patients!
I work at a Sentara Health System hospital in the PACU (post anesthesia care unit). I also attend the RN to BSN program at MCV School of Nursing.  I am very excited to further my nursing education and my career. The more I know, the more I can help!

There is a new organization that I am very excited to tell you about. It's called The Florence Project, and is being spearheaded by some of the most enlighted nurses in our profession. I think that all nurses need to visit this page and get involved.

Now, the reason for this Nursing Ring. This massive information superhighway has provided a way for nurses to come together in a way never before possible.  It is my desire that we as nurses come together to share our diverse interests with each other and the world. If we can join together here and share our interests or problems, the possibilities are endless...
I have received input from nurses on the web who do not have home pages, but would like to participate. So, I have created the Nurses Sounding Board. This is a message board where we can post questions, pose new ideas, and get help or information.

A Nursing Ring Site MUST...
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include the HTML and ring graphics on the SUBMITTED page;
NOT contain adult or pornographic material;
be safe for ALL ages to surf.

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The Nursing Ring has been presented with 2 GREAT awards!  WOW!
Rene Dixon, LPN presented the Nursing Ring with this lovely award on June 22, 1997!  Thanks Rene!
On May 2, 1997, Thomas Moll presented The Nursing Ring with his Cool Nursing Site of the Week Award. Thomas shares the idea that nurses need to support nurses and we can utilize this powerful medium to aid in that process. Thanks again Thomas! :)
Cool Nursing Site

I was pleasantly surprised when 3 nurses chipped in and made some great graphics for The Nursing Ring! Thanks!!!!
Sylviann donated her time and efforts to create the cool Nursing Ring banner. It's perfect for people who want to be especially creative with their sites!
Find Sylviann at The Working World of a Real Nurse.
Dale Sampson, Nursing Student, donated his time and efforts to create the cool new logo at the top of the page!  Find Dale at Dale's Place
Eric Zielinski, RN, BSN donated his time and effort to making the Nursing Ring images look more professional, and the Member of the Nursing Ring image.
Find Eric at Nursing: Caring for those in need.

On Sept. 19, 1997 I was informed that The Nursing Ring was nominated and accepted as select site. Thanks to the anonymous person who nominated us!
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