by Michele Irvine

Iím 42 and "middle age"
So says Erikson, in his seventh stage.
My first reaction was definitely, denial,
"Middle age adult" is not my style.
"Generativity versus Stagnation"
From this new version, I feel elation.
After reading, further on,
I realize now, my fears have gone.
Middle age is where Iím at,
Wake up, Michele, it IS a fact.
I guess Iíve accepted, this time of my life,
Or Erikson said, Iíd be in strife.
Psycho/bio/socio needs,
Are the influences, that Erikson heeds.
Environment too, is an added effect,
For these factors induced, my intellect.
A couch potato and self absorbed,
Is what Iíd be, if I was bored.
Iím kept busy, with continual learning,
The corners, I face, Iím always turning
My hair turned grey, but a colour fixed that.
Exercise and diet, have stopped the fat.
An ability to accept, the many changes,
Have prevented me from, the emotional dangers.
Iím on the track, that Erikson states,
I am communicable, with all my mates.
The kids have grown, Iím not alone,
My man is here, within my zone.
Weíre enjoying life, so Eriksonís right,
Iíll accept his "wording", without a fight.
So I can progress, to his final stage,
And because of this, enjoy old age.
The "middle age adult" is now I see,
"Generativity" which identifies me.

Another theorist, another angle,
Iím so absorbed, in one huge tangle.
Robert Havighurst, is his name,
To understand learning, is his game.
Timing for teaching, is the issue now,
Do I fit in, I wonder how?
Iím assisting my kids, to happy adulthood,
Iíve taught them stability, as well as I could.
All of us have, our highs and lows,
But learning from this, is how it goes.
If I fail, Iíd be sad,
Society frowns, which could be bad.
Iíd then have hardship, with later chores,
And probably stagnate, behind closed doors.
Erikson and Havighurst, both agree,
That strength through stages, doesnít come free.
My immediate environment, has helped me through,
From birth to now, in all I do.
By learning, developing, achieving roles,
Iíve managed this far to attain my goals.
My performance in work is satisfying,
But if I knew all, I would be lying.
The learning process continues on,
I know, my parents, will soon be gone.
I relate to my spouse, like heís a real guy,
And developed the friendships that money canít buy.
Iím adjusting to the physical side of middle age,
So, Havighurstís right, for me, at this stage.
My development tasks stemmed, from all thatís around,
My bio/psycho, social roots, were sound.

Thereís many more theorists, Iíll just pick one more,
This one is weird, but still holds the floor.
Sigmund Freud states, Iíve learnt by age eight,
So at 42 years, I am a bit late.
To learn anything of value, at this time of life,
Means little to Freud, being mother and wife.
His psychosexual development stage,
Doesnít allow growth, in middle age.
Iím, already supposed to know,
How to achieve, develop and grow.
All based on bodily interactions,
I wonder if he failed mathís fractions.
His thoughts are definitely below the belt,
On his theory, and how itís dealt.
Oral, anal, phallic and latent,
Genital last, heís definitely patent.
But that where it stops, at 20 years,
What about me, Iím nearly in tears.
Lucky Iím positive, and adapted already
Or listening to Freud, Iíd be unsteady.
I had a sheltered, sweet childhood,
So would have been very, misunderstood
. I didnít know what sex was about,
At 20 years old, heíd call me a dropout.
Imagine the nuns, teaching me Freud,
Couldnít you see, theyíd be annoyed
Iíve learnt and adapted, well since then,
No thanks to Freud, and his sexual yen
My genitals would have been my only thought,
But Iím wiser now, and didnít get caught.
The bio/psycho/social needs,
Are the ones that were, my essential seeds.
To realize this, they guided me,
To the person I am and what you see

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