Musical selection: Sonata #8 in C minor ("Pathetique"), Op. 13, 2nd movement, Adagio cantabile, Ludwig van Beethoven, courtesy of Classical MIDI Archives, © 1999 Pierre R. Schwob


Michele wrote this pretty poem as part of her wedding vows.


This, to me, is a very special day,
Wordís canít express, what I most need to say.
To be joined with you, officially at last,
I feel like itís a dream, a spell has been cast.
For today is the beginning of a brand new life,
Where I legally become your devoted ...wife.
Spending our years, united as one,
You still have some time to get up and run!
Iím only joking, I kid you not,
Thereís very few Ďround that have what weíve got.
A closeness, where youíre not only my friend,
But itís the sharing and caring I know will not end.
You have my heart, youíve given me your name,
To use it with pride, is my intentional aim.
To love you forever, I definitely agree,
But to also "obey", you know, is not me.
I just want to make you the happiest guy,
And never regret this permanent tie.
For thatís what this is, my husband, your wife,
To forever together, enjoy our new life.

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