by Danielle Welzig

Welcome aboard! Welcome to no more sleep, no more fun and no more life!!! Just kidding but not all that much!! Life as you know it will come to an abrupt end. At 100-200 pages a night to read. Care plans due on Friday after two full days of lecture and 2 days in clinical doesn't leave a whole lot of time. You will go from 8-10 hrs of sleep to 2-3 a night. But putting all that aside--the first time a patient tells you thank you because you were the only one to get that extra glass of water, got them that extra blanket. When you assist in your first delivery or are the only there to help a patient take their last breath or help a family get through a very hard time, all those sleepless nights and all the frustration, tears, and doubt will be put to rest. Congratulations and welcome aboard. Hang in there. If you want this with all your heart, nothing is impossible!!!